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Heidi Elliot therapist office Alexandria VA

As a therapist,
my deepest desire is to create
a space where people can

feel seen and known, and heal.


Psychotherapy for adolescents and adults


Support through shared experiences and acceptance


Mental health counseling for your team


Mindful evenings for your mental health


Life doesn’t often go according to our plans. Unmet needs and expectations can leave deep and invisible scars. That doesn’t mean you’re broken, it means you’re human.


I work with individuals experiencing grief and loss, depression and loneliness, trauma, life transitions, relationship issues, and more, to increase self-acceptance and self-awareness, build empathy and to improve the quality of their relationships.

I meet clients where they are at each time they walk through the door by providing a warm and accepting space where clients can feel heard, understood and safe to explore difficult issues.


I primarily work from a person-centered therapeutic approach with emphasis on family of origin, personal beliefs, mind-body connection, and attachment. I believe our past informs our present and can guide us to a different future, if we choose it.

Seeking support is brave.
I am currently accepting new clients virtually and in-person in Old Town Alexandria

“To pay attention, this is our endless and proper work.”

- Mary Oliver, poet

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